The best Fx Video App for Instagram!
Our Application is a fully-functional emulator of the cameras below:
*Film Mode
9 analogue films for fantastic effects: Kodachrome, etc.
*B&W Mode
Bring out the soul of colored photo with monochrome of visual arts.
Add some really catching effects to your photos with this beautiful pack.
*Lomo Mode(IAP)
Set your photos apart ordinary with unique coloring, high contrast
*Vintage Mode(IAP)
Instantly give your photos a timeless vintage feel inspired by popular film treatments.
*Tones Mode(IAP)
Turn your life’s moments into different color tones with these effects.
*Splash Mode(IAP)
Create dramatic photos by converting photos into B&W and leaving the interesting color.
* X-Pro Mode(IAP)
Render your photos with cross-processing style by unnatural colors and high contrast.

Easily post the photo to Instagram, Facebook, Google+.


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